Attersec – IT-Security Consulting from upper Austria

Attersec is the first address for all kind of IT-Security topics.

As IT-Security Consulting Company based in the beautiful Salzkammergut area in Upper Austria, I am happy to help you securing your IT-Infrastructure.

We are 100% sure to find the right cyber protection for your business.


IT-Security Consulting & Compliance

Attersec supports you to implement state-of-the-art IT-Security measures tailored for your organization.
A risk based approach helps to prioritize measures and focus on the critical things first.

IT-Risk and Threat Analysis
Information Security Management

IT-Security Audits & Awareness

An overall analysis of your IT-Infrastructure makes it possible to evaluate your security situation. We present you targeted IT-Security measures to improve your network, clients, server and production environment.

Penetration Tests

Penetration testing is a hacking technique to identify vulnerabilities in your IT-Environment. Periodic security checks are the foundation for secure systems.

International approved penetration testing procedures as well as a combination of automated vulnerability scanning and manual vulnerability assessment results in a high ratio of findings.

IT-Security Awareness

IT-Security awareness training for you company.

Cyber Threat Detection and Prevention

Cyber-attacks are one of the top business risks in 2019, according to World Economic Forum. Almost weekly ransomware attacks on European organizations show the importance of preventive measures and early detection.

Vulnerability and Patch-Management
Network and System Security
Security Incident Management and Handling
Industrial IT-Security (Securing smart factories, productions facilities and Industry 4.0)

Together, we can make the cyber world a bit more secure.


Attersec was founded by Thomas Ornetzeder with the goal to make the cyber-world a more secure place. Thomas Ornetzeder is a Cyber-Security Expert with a strong focus on IT-Security audits and security projects. He helps companies to implement IT-Security measure and is advisor for all kinds of IT-Security questions.